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The reason behind the Japanese subtitles on Arafes’13 DVD/Blu-Ray:

It was a request from the kids that did tap dance together with Matsumoto kun last year at 24 hr tv. 
Heard this from a friend.

The kids who couldn’t hear, seem to have requested to Matsumoto san that they hope subtitles could be included.

Matsujun, arigatou.

original source fr twi

Proud Junbait :’D <3

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Best-selling male group [Worldwide]

Arashi is on 10th spot!


And you should take into consideration that Arashi is almost only/mainly active in Japan while (most of?) the other boybands are active world-wide and singing and speaking in English (a language that is available to most people in the world and thus more people understand it, comparatively, than people would understand Japanese). On top of that, *some* of those bands that are higher ranked than Arashi have also existed basically since forever while Arashi have “only” been active since 1999 (and “really” successful ever since 2005/2006-ish). I’m absolutely impressed.

Reblogging for comment above, very well said ^^ pride ^^


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